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Nicole N.
"I started in network marketing 10 months ago and initially had very little success. I then started to implement Bob's training and it's literally changed my life. Right after the going through the training, I recruited my first business partner ever. That month I recruited 8 people and got promoted twice! Even my new people are having success now following Bob's training. The value he brings is off the charts."
what is the breakthrough academy?
Are you currently struggling in your network marketing business?  Are you frustrated because you’re not getting the training and support that you need to be successful?  Are you an existing leader that is feeling "stuck" because your business has hit a wall, you don't have any momentum, and you can't get the people on your team to 'step up' and become a leader?

My name is Bob Heilig and I am the founder of the Breakthrough Academy.  If you answered yes to any of the questions above then I want to let you know that you've definitely come to the right place.  If you give me the opportunity, then I would like to ask you to consider letting me become "Your Virtual Upline".  

The Breakthrough Academy is my signature course for network marketers designed to give you the training, support and motivation you need to make THIS your breakthrough year.  Whether you are brand new to network marketing or already an established leader, the training in this program will help you take your business to the next level and create results far beyond anything you've ever experienced.          

In this training course I share with you literally everything I’ve learned during my 10 year network marketing career where I went from not being able to recruit a SINGLE PERSON my first year, to personally recruiting over 500 people and becoming a 7-figure earner.  I created this course because this is the exact information that I wish I had when I was first starting out.  

What would it feel like if you could recruit 2 - 3 new, excited people into your team next week?  Imagine what it would do for your paycheck if you could finally learn how to develop more leaders and motivate your team to take consistent action.  What if you could finally start having the confidence in yourself and belief that YOU CAN be successful in your business because you now have the plan you need to get there.  These are just a few examples of what past students have seen happen in their business after going through the training in this course.   

Inside the course I'll be covering things like:  prospecting and recruiting, inviting, presenting, closing, team building, promoting events, getting new reps started, social media, leadership and advanced team building strategies.  I’ll show you how to go beyond your family and friends using cold market recruiting strategies and teach you how to leverage social media and things like live video and Facebook so you never run out of people to talk to.  You will learn how to duplicate leaders on your team to create massive momentum and exponential growth.     

You get instant LIFETIME ACCESS to all the training material when you purchase the course, so you can go through all the information completely at your own pace.    

As a member of the Breakthrough Academy you’ll get access to a private mastermind community where you can interact with over 1,000 past students of the course.  Inside this invite-only private Facebook group I do special monthly members only trainings and Q&A's on all the course material.  You can team up with other members to form accountability partners and groups, get your questions answered anytime you are having an issue, and be surrounded by a network of other like-minded people all headed in the same direction.

This truly is an entrepreneurial community where NOBODY gets left behind.         

I realize that I don’t know you, but here’s what I know about you because you are reading this right now.  You have greatness inside of you.  You have the ability to do more than you can ever begin to imagine.  Just the fact that you said yes to network marketing says a lot about you, you are uncommon.  You have an uncommon desire to live your dreams and control your own destiny.

When I made the decision to start investing in my own growth and development it literally changed my life.  Let me give that gift back to you and allow me to share with you everything I've learned on my journey to success.  It's time for you to really commit to making your business work so that you can stop living small, start earning big and create the life that you deserve.  Now let's get to work and make THIS your breakthrough year!               
Here's what others are saying about the breakthrough academy...
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Module 1  
Most people that are involved in network marketing are what I call "Accidental Entrepreneurs".  They have no clue what it means to be an entrepreneur and build a business.  There is no strategy in what they do week to week building their business.  In this module we go over the fundamentals of what it takes to become a top earner.  Topics include:
  • Developing an Entrepreneur Mindset - Having the proper expectations
  • Strategies for Maximizing Productivity and Time Management 
  • Your "Daily Method of Operation" - Setting up a routine for building your business
  • Treat Your Business Like a Job - The approach I use to build my business
  • Building a Solid Foundation for Your Business
  • Utilizing technology - I'll share the apps and programs I use in my business
Module 2
Have you ever heard the saying "slow and steady wins the race"?  That's not true in network marketing.  Slow and steady will actually kill your business. In this module we go over a step-by-step plan for you to begin taking massive action and start creating results in your business far beyond anything you've ever experienced before!  Topics include:
  • 30 Day Game Plan to Create Massive Results 
  • Understanding the 4 Phases of your Business
  • The Importance of Goal Setting - My 4 step goal setting process
  • Success Loves Speed - You'll see the actual stats around this concept
  • Week by Week Plan for the 30 Days
  • How to Gain Buy-In from Your Family
Module 3
In this module we go over in detail the process of beginning to work your contact list and start contacting prospects.  You will learn basic and advanced invitation strategies, and how you can recruit someone regardless of the situation.  In this module you will get the actual scripts that I've used over my career to help me recruit over 500 people!  Topics include: 
  • The Importance of Income Producing Activities 
  • The "Don't Be the Movie Trailer Concept - Critical for inviting the right way.
  • My Rejection Proof Inviting Formula - Proven way for you to approach anyone!
  • Sharing Your Personal Story - Learn how to use one of your biggest weapons.
  • Creating Your "Elevator Pitch" - How to answer the question, "What do you do?"
  • My Cold Market Prospecting Formula - How to recruit people you don't know. 
  • Re-Approaching People that have Already Told You No  
Module 4
In this module we will discuss in detail the exposure process for prospects.  I'll cover how to follow up with prospects in every possible scenario you could face.  We will discuss the 3 different types of people you will come across in this process and how to deal with each.  I'll give you my exact scripts I use to follow up with prospects and move them to action.  Topics include:  
  • Understand the Exposure Process - How to move prospects into ACTION
  • My "Secret" to Recruiting More People 
  • The 3 Types of People You will Face in Your Business
  • How to Sort and not Sell  - The importance of educating prospects, not selling. 
  • The "Valley of Death" Concept - Where most people's businesses go to die. 
  • Mastering the Art of 3-Way Calls - Leveraging the power of experts.
  • How to Know When to Stop Following-Up with People 
Module 5
In this module we will discuss the RIGHT way to use Facebook to build your network marketing business.  For most people, Facebook is their biggest enemy and they don't even realize.  We will cover the basics of setting up your profile all the way to what and how you should be posting on you page.  I'll show you examples of what "good" and "bad" posts look like, and give you tons of ideas that you can use!  Topics include: 
  • Setting up Your Profile - The importance of personal branding to stand out. 
  • Facebook Business Pages  - Should you have your own business page?   
  • Don't Be An Infomercial Concept - Why you should be promoting YOURSELF.    
  • 90 / 10 Rule - Guideline for how often you should be posting about your company.
  • I.L.T Strategy  - How to never run out of ideas for content on your page. 
  • Understanding the Facebook Algorithm - The importance of engagement. 
  • My Secret Prospecting Tips and Strategies 
Module 6
In this module we go over everything I have learned in my 10 years about presenting and closing.  I'll teach you how to overcome your fear of public speaking and the secrets I've used to help me become a master presenter. Topics include:
  • Common Misconceptions about Presenting - What it really takes to be great.
  • How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking  - My "secret" strategies. 
  • The Consultant Approach to Presenting  - How to go from good to great. 
  • Strategies on Practicing Your Presentation  
  • My Secret to Getting More People to Show up to Meetings
  • Handling Objections Like a Boss - How to deal with common objections.
  • Closing Secrets of Top Earners and Professionals
  • My 4-Step Closing Formula - What I've used to recruit over 500 people.  
Module 7
In this module we will cover exactly what it takes to create massive momentum in your business.  We will discuss the importance of creating systems in your business.  I'll share with you the exact systems I used in my business and my strategies for getting new people started on your team.  I'll help you diagnose    Topics include: 
  • The Importance of Creating Systems in Your Business 
  • Utilizing Welcome Calls - Plugging people into the system properly.
  • How to Get a New Person Started Properly  - The Game Plan Meeting concept. 
  • Advanced Team Building Strategies  - How to grow a new team quickly.  
  • The Chasing the Business Philosophy  - Your role as a leader on your team.
  • Coaching Struggling People  - How to coach people struggling on your team. 
  • And So Much More....
Module 8
In this module we discuss advanced team building strategies that will help you create exponential growth in your organization. You will learn how to communicate to and work with different types of people.  We will discuss the importance of events to building a team and how to get more guests to show up for your events.  Topics include:
  • The 4 Personality Types - Understanding how to work with different people. 
  • Using Events to Build Your Team - How to leverage meetings and events.  
  • Mastering the Skill of Promotion  - One of the highest paid skills. 
  • Building Belief in the People on Your Team 
  • How to Set up and Run Weekly Team Calls - My step-by-step guide.
  • Starting and Growing Weekly Hotel Meetings 
  • How to Structure and Run Training Events - Do's and dont's of events.
  • Strategies for Getting Guests to Show up for Events
Module 9
In this module we will cover a detailed 4 step process for developing the leaders on your team.  I'll share with you the exact blueprint I used to develop the leaders on my team.  I'll also give you the secret strategies I used to build a strong team culture and how to implement accountability with your leaders so they don't fall into "management mode". Topics include: 
  • How to Identify Potential Leaders on your Team - What to look for in people.
  • The 80 / 20 Rule of Leadership Development - Learn where to spend your time. 
  • My 4-Step Process for Developing Leaders - How to duplicate yourself.    
  • Never Do Anything Alone Concept - The quickest way to teach others. 
  • Setting up and Running Weekly Accountability Calls - For your leaders.  
  • The Importance of Recognition - My strategies for recognizing your leaders.
Module 10
In this module I go over the exact formula I've used over the last 6 months to build a multiple 6-figure brand online using videos.  I'll share with you how creating daily video content can help you explode your business.  I'll go over how to start doing videos and the exact process to follow.  I'll also teach you how to get over your fear of being in front of the camera.  Topics include:
  • The Importance of Videos when Building a Personal Brand
  • Common Misconceptions about Creating Videos - What "good" looks like.
  • My Secret Approach to Creating Videos - How you don't need to be an "expert".
  • How to Never Run out of Content for Videos
  • My Simple 4 Step Process for Creating Great Videos 
  • How to Use Videos to Help you Recruit People and Make Sales 
  • Using Videos to Build and Monetize Your Personal Brand
check out these bonuses!
Bonus 1
You get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my Social Media Recruiting Formula course where I go over the exact step-by-step process I've used in my career to recruit over 500 people!  I show you the RIGHT way to use social media in the recruiting process.    
  • How to use Facebook and LinkedIn to find new prospects for your business 
  • How to message prospects on social media so they actually respond back
  • The biggest mistakes network marketers make on social media
  • Script book - You'll get the scripts I've used to help you recruit someone regardless of the situation
  • And So Much More...
Bonus 2
You get lifetime access to a private mastermind community in the Breakthrough Academy private Facebook group.  This will be a resource to support the live trainings where each week I'll answer live questions for you.  The other benefits of this community are:  
  • The ability to make connections with other like-minded people going through the program 
  • Accountability partners to help keep you on task with your activities
  • Past members of the course that will be there to help support you and answer questions
  • And So Much More...
Bonus 3
You will get a PDF download of my comprehensive script book which includes every script I've ever used to build my business.  All of the scripts you see and hear in my trainings will be in this PDF guide.  They include:  
  • Warm Market Recruiting Scripts - Direct and indirect approaches
  • Cold Market Recruiting Scripts - Scripts for both offline and online
  • My 4-Step Closing Script - The exact script I've used to recruit over 500 people
  • My Bulletproof Invite Formula Template   
  • Social Media Prospecting Formula - Exactly what to do and say on social media
  • How to Confront People on Your Team
  • Getting New People Started - What to say when you are training your new people
  • Setting up Weekly Leadership Accountability Calls - How to run weekly accountability calls with leaders.
  • And So Much More...
Bonus 4
In this bonus training I will show you how to use a free easy-to-use online graphic design tool called Canva.  With Canva you can create amazing images for social media in literally minutes!  They have pre-selected templates you can use and it's literally as simple as dropping and dragging images to give you a million dollar brand.  In this training you'll learn how to create... 
  • Professioal Looking Facebook Banner Images
  • Amazing Looking Quote Images 
  • Images for Instagram, Blog Posts and Facebook Ads
  • And So Much More...
What others have to say about Bob Heilig
Hear what they are saying about Bob's work ...
I wanted to share how much the Breakthrough Academy training has helped my business.  I started implementing Bob's training tips on prospecting and recruiting and signed 4 new consultants in only 2 days! I got emotional tonight because I had that moment where I realized that my business is changing my life. No longer will I be sad about my struggles as a single mom... never again.  Bob will forever be a special mentor to me. 

Megan S.

I started using Bob's tips and training on recruiting that I learned in the Breakthrough Academy and it's made a huge difference! Just the other day I had 4 brand new prospects coming to ME that I've never met asking about my business. I had another 2 who went cold that are now warm again and I have more momentum than I've ever had before.  I feel more confident and in control than I ever have before with my business thanks to Bob's training.

Toby S.

I've been in network marketing for 9 months so far and haven't really had much success.  It's no coincidence that after joining the Breakthrough Academy and taking massive action that I recruited my first business partner in 9 months!  I am seriously in shock at how easy it was, all with the coaching that Bob has given us.   

Lisa L.

The Breakthrough Academy has been the turning point in my business.  I used to be afraid to talk to people and had not confidence.  When I started the course I learned different ways to approach and talk to people regardless of the situation.  I don't worry about what people are going to think about me anymore, I just take action.  Thanks to that my business has exploded.  My calendar is so full with activity that it's almost overwhelming in a good way.  I really feel like this is a course that anyone in network marketing should consider taking.  

Allison K.

Bob's coaching has helped me take my business to the next level.  He holds me accountable and has helped me get more clear on my goals and personal brand.  His knowledge of online marketing has been invaluable.  He has helped me break down my goals and put a clear plan in place.  He kicks my ass when I need it, but does so with caring smile and I know that he genuinely cares.  

Hale P.

Working with Bob has been amazing. He has helped build my confidence as a leader. He helped me overcome my fear of doing videos and made me a better leader for my organization. This past month working with Bob I recruited twice the amount of people than I did the month before. Bob teaches you how to believe in yourself, to continually improve your skills and how to lead by example. I am extremely thankful for Bob's personal coaching. He has cut years off my learning curve. I only wish I'd found him sooner!  

Jamie S.

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  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to All of the Training Material & Resources
  • Bonus Trainings and Script Books
1 Payment of
One Payment of $297 Today
  • 12 Modules with Over 25 Hours of Training  
  • Access to Private Mastermind Community
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to All of the Training Material & Resources
  • Bonus Trainings and Script Books
About Bob Heilig...
I'm so excited that you're considering being a part of this special online training course that I've put together.  It's my "signature training" for network marketers.  I teach you literally everything that I've ever learned in my 10 years in the network marketing profession.  

My first year, "I sucked at network marketing".  I literally didn't recruit a single person.  I eventually realized that success wasn't about me "finding" the right person, it was about me "becoming" the right person.  It was at that point that I started investing heavily in my own growth and development and it literally changed my life.  

If you're currently struggling in your business and not getting the training and support you need, let me become "Your Virtual Upline" so I can give you everything that you need to make THIS your breakthrough year!           
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I'm so confident that you'll be blown away with the value of this course that if at anytime in the first 30 days you don't feel that this is the right decision for your business, I'll gladly refund 100% of your money!

Simply send me an email to [email protected] within 30 days.
Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.
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